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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: birdybabyy
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC + Quest
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
DPS: Yes
Views: 8 651

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Uploading this because I dont like the creator, little miss "YOU WILL BE BANNED if you join and then immediately leave" because people only want her discount.

Poiyomi version 8.0.426
Arktoon - Set the missing/error shaders to Arktoon+T Fade or FadeRefracted
Latest VRChat SDK - VRChat Creator Companion optional
VRLabs Marker
Optional but required for DPS to work:
Poiyomi Pro
Features (ღ symbol = works on Oculus Quest)

v Clothing toggles (All ღ)
- Bikini ღ
- Boots ღ
- Fishnet top ღ
- Heels ღ
- Panties ღ
- Skirt ღ
- Fishnet socks ღ
- Sweater ღ

v Accessories toggles (All ღ)
- Ankle poof ღ
- Belt ღ
- Blindfold ღ
- Body chain ღ
- Choker ღ
- Earmuffs ღ
- Glasses ღ
- Gloves ღ
- Leg warmer ღ
- Pasties ღ
- Skeleton ribcage ღ

v Hair toggles (All ღ)
- Long hair ღ
- Ponytails ღ
- Short pigtails ღ
- Short hair ღ

v Animal (ferret) toggles (All ღ)
- Ears ღ
- Tail ღ

v Special
- Gogo Locomotion (Fake FBT/Easy toggle animations) ღ
- Toggleable finger trails
- Springjoint + toggleable music (You can change this to whatever music you like in Unity)
- Audiolink (Reacts to in world music)
- Sabers/Sword with bonk when you hit others' heads
- Particle body
- Squeaky nose boop
- Marker
- Spray paint
- Feline follower + follower options

v Colour changes
- 4 Skin colours ღ (Prefabs, not toggles)

- DPS (Poosey, butt, both feetsies, both hands, mouth)
- Futanari option
- PP Scaler

v Quest Physbones ღ
- Hair ღ
- Boobs ღ
- Neko ears ღ
- Neko tail ღ

PC has physbones on everything.
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  • foto
    B_B #8
    I can't wait to act like a hot piece of shxt with this avii xD this gone be every egirl pride month xD
    Monday at 04:57
  • foto
    DjPanda2001 #7
    The version we download for PC is screwed up. Thanks.
    Monday at 00:06
  • foto
    TheVoidTeddy #6
    Gumgummoosebush, Oh? Why's that? They always struck me as a rather nice individual
    Sunday at 13:14
  • foto
    demon bear #5
    anyone else having problems uploading?
    25 May 2023 22:35
  • foto
    goth pee #4
    anyone got newest poiyomi??
    25 May 2023 20:29
  • foto
    rxdioeclipse #3
    pls lmk if u ever get lycrois and faith from same creator!
    25 May 2023 19:47
  • foto
    Gumgummoosebush #2
    thank you sm i do not like this creator so was never gonna buy it
    25 May 2023 14:17
  • foto
    komaedie #1
    thanks so much for uploading this i was scared i would never be able to get it :3
    25 May 2023 07:33