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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: Evan
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
DPS: Yes
Views: 58 063

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Latest SDK, Poi_Toon_8.0.303_and_7.3.50

† Features
36+ different clothing combinations (not including accessories, only tops and bottoms)
3 base hairs | 3 extra hair options | 3 different bangs options
Skin color radial (with demon skin included)
Hair color options (HUE/SAT/BRIGHT/EMIS)
6 Eye color options
Boob size radial
† Clothing Toggles:
† Accessory Toggles:
† NSFW DPS Features:
† Animal Modes
Demon Mode (Wings & Tail)
Toggle Ears Off
† Extras
Sword toggle
Finger gun animations + sound
Noisemaker (5 sounds)
Contact receivers with particles for head pat, nose boop, and left/right eye poke

Fluffy Hair
Hair Cap

Messy Bangs
Straight Bangs
Fluffy Bangs


If your glasses shader does not work after you've imported everything, please go to ! Jane/Mat/Shiny in your unity project and reassign the "Lens" materials shader to arktoon FadeRefracted
Screenshots of model Jane in the game
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  • foto
    Mr-lollipop #16
    the textures are on 873k!!!
    9 January 2024 13:49
  • foto
    Maladrona #15
    could someone upload this for me? i just cant seem to upload it myself like idk what im doing wrong, my discord is whosmendoza
    13 October 2023 17:57
  • foto
    sug #14
    ALSO, if you'd like to use a different shader, i suggest Shader Forge/Crystal Shader.
    you'll get the same blacking-out issue, which is fixed super easily by changing the render queue to Transparent+1000 and bumping up the value next to it from 3000 to 4000. tweak the other settings to your preference and you're all good. 👌
    12 August 2023 04:58
  • foto
    sug #13
    from certain angles, the face goes black beneath the glasses, leaving only the iris of the eye visible. i'm not sure if it's something on the face or the glasses that's fucking with it, but i've messed with nearly every shader setting trying to fix this shit with no success so far. the rest of the avatar works AMAZINGLY as long as you remember to detach the blueprint ID.

    -- EDIT --

    if you end up having the same issue i did, select the glasses in the hierarchy, scroll down to ZWrite, turn it OFF. then, just below that, go into the Refraction setting(s) and turn the Strength to 0. thank fucking god!!!
    12 August 2023 04:36
  • foto
    AsherBunVR #12
    How Do i upload This Avi i only get a Blueprint error
    21 June 2023 05:28
  • foto
    Izz_2 (user blocked for violating site rules) #11
    bulky ass stiff shoulders shawty needs a massage
    8 June 2023 09:21
  • foto
    Fusion_ #10
    shiv, Can I see how it looks for ingame?
    7 June 2023 12:29
  • foto
    Deez Nuts_3 #9
    only problem is tit physics are wack and like really out of parameter
    1 June 2023 09:24
  • foto
    GrimRPR #8
    this is why i dont fucking upload models that are blender render previews only, i wouldnt take this shit even for free lmao
    31 May 2023 19:53
  • foto
    rin saiko #7
    soo i got it all uploaded n stuff without any issues, but then i go into vrc and the avatar goes invisible, i reset the avatarm and it comes back for a split second and then just goes titan mode. uhhhhhh why???
    30 May 2023 21:59
  • foto
    iboshi #6
    look up "aud" for most of the sounds, only one sound is in the "sounds" folder lol
    30 May 2023 21:36
  • foto
    Tok3nallday #5
    lmao all the sounds aren't even under the sound folder like what?
    30 May 2023 16:52
  • foto
    garageplaylist #4
    SodaAddict, just find the prefab and drag it in
    30 May 2023 15:30
  • foto
    garageplaylist #3
    sleepyavie, works fine for me
    30 May 2023 15:00
  • foto
    SodaAddict #2
    Wheres the scene?
    30 May 2023 13:23
  • foto
    ? Altruistic #1
    ***comment deleted***
    30 May 2023 06:12