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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: Godfall
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: Yes
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
DPS: Yes
Views: 298 217
God Revenger

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- Unitypackage ONLY. [Includes FBX and prefabs]
- Complex in-game skin slider! [Pale skin, Tanned skin & Blue skin]
- FBT ready and tracking great! [ See videos! ]
- Phys bones set up everywhere you would expect and more!
- Custom Tossjoint system!
- Akimbo customizable guns! [Bubble firing mode, Real Bullets, Silencer, Laser Sight]
- OVER 50 TOGGLES!!!! [ Clothing and more! ]
- Knives you can spin!
- HeadSwap!
- Goes 100% naked, Futa capabilities, Full TPS system support, including a placeable toy! Now with also more orifice options than ever before!
- Cute pet follower!
- Phys interactions! Boop, Butt Smack and Headpats!
- Entirely scratch!
- Texture Memory Usage : 146 MB
Screenshots of model God Revenger in the game
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  • foto
    Celesta Glacier #134
    Guns are broken. When you try to shoot bullets, there is sounds and effects from gun, but no bullets at all.
    11 June 2024 19:40
  • foto
    nopresident #133
    "A VRCAvatarDescriptor is required to build an Avatar"
    2 June 2024 03:12
  • foto
    Vicious Taylor #132
    I keep getting hit with a "Trying to upload an avatar we don't own, deleting blueprint" error.
    14 May 2024 11:14
  • foto
    xMontez #131
    I've seen alot of this avatar but they've got the breast slider added to it, how do i do the same for it?
    8 May 2024 19:34
  • foto
    Martini-Raye Moor #130
    It doesn't work😭
    The files
    You can't take anything off in the avi
    You can't take off her clothes at all.
    Dose anyone know how to fix it
    4 May 2024 17:58
  • foto
    Martini-Raye Moor #129
    Can someone upload her for me I don’t have a pc at the moment
    4 May 2024 00:33
  • foto
    bobbyboi #128
    Shmerp, On quest? if so modded SDK I recomend bloodborne use the shader. Mobile Particles Additive. its what i use, Not VRCHAT MOBILE
    20 March 2024 22:10
  • foto
    Shmerp #127
    does anyone know how to fix the blush being red squares?
    19 March 2024 22:50
  • foto
    AlukamiAlu #126
    Can someone help me with this
    14 March 2024 18:12
  • foto
    CTGamez #125
    lizardbreath, https://mega.nz/folder/OGIUFYJJ#0NvPNMo54nO4wR_ELyjxEQi give you the facetracking dlc
    12 March 2024 23:34
  • foto
    MiddyMid6 #124
    fenix360, I noticed the same thing cause the projectiles used to work fine. I'm pretty sure it was a vrchat update that borked something because I never modified my package.
    5 March 2024 19:42
  • foto
    Sleepyvrc #123
    fenix360, I have the exact same issue as you. I've tried everything that I can think of, but nothing works. If anyone knows the fix, can you please explain it to us?
    2 March 2024 19:10
  • foto
    fenix360 #122
    Hello, I uploaded this avatar, but I have the problem that when using weapons, the bullets are not visible. Only the sound and detonations can be heard and seen, but not the projectile, as you can see in the sample video.
    Is there anyone who knows what the issue is?
    2 February 2024 19:11
  • foto
    umignoreme #121
    does anyone know why when i edit the face texture, the blush suddenly loses its transparency? i'm trying to fix it but its still just a solid block of pink no matter what layers i show/hide.
    13 January 2024 19:46
  • foto
    lizardbreath #120
    Octavia895, could be wrong version of god revenger.. can you send the face tracking package DL?
    21 December 2023 15:43
  • foto
    TheWolfBeast247 #119
    Hi culd i copy this of somone?
    19 December 2023 15:51
  • foto
    Octavia895 #118
    For everyone struggling to get this avatar to work, make sure everything in creator companion is updated, personally I use the 2019 unity version.

    Import the shader that comes in the pack
    Import the IK asset
    Import God Revenger 1.1.2

    If you are struggling to get GoGo working make sure all the GoGo parameters are there named exactly like this
    VRCEmote (Int)
    Go/Locomotion (Bool)
    Go/JumpAndFall (Bool)
    Go/Stationary (Bool)
    Go/Float (Float at 0.25)

    Use Go All and drag the sitting WD to the sitting
    Drag the WD Additive to the additive
    Drag a WD base to the base.

    Go into the avatars menu, find where gogo is and change gogos menu to Go All Menu

    Any questions my discord is tavi895
    17 December 2023 08:27
  • foto
    Octavia895 #117
    lizardbreath, I had to buy it and I'm struggling to get it to workrozing, I do but I can't get it to work
    17 December 2023 08:16
  • foto
    Octavia895 #116
    kod123, Gogo loco is easy to fix, just learn itengineerwolf, desync paramaters that you wont use or need
    16 December 2023 11:23
  • foto
    lizardbreath #115
    face tracking dlc ??
    13 December 2023 00:28
  • foto
    NoyaDear #114
    updated package for yall :3
    10 December 2023 19:22
  • foto
    Amunet #113
    Szu, this means you dont have the storage to even import the package
    10 December 2023 18:28
  • foto
    opters #112
    Learn how to upload avatars through youtube. The avatar works just fine.
    10 December 2023 18:12
  • foto
    KuroNeko996 #111
    the problem occurs that the avatar cannot be loaded into the game
    10 December 2023 15:54
  • foto
    Zimmerson #110
    Patchnotes are within the .zip package.

    But if y'all too lazy to download, ill dump it here:

    Patch 1.1

    - Updated to __GoLoco 1.8.1
    - Updated to __Poiyomi Toon v8.1.166 and Pro v8.2.027

    - Added Afk animation.
    - Changed shaders on materials to reduce max texture slots exceeded issue. All EX materials now use Toon Outline.
    - Dissolve boundaries will now adjust to the correct distances based on Avatar Scale.
    - Increased default dissolve boundary values to avoid an issue where the avatar was scaled up but animations were disabled by safeties.
    - Ex Body material now uses Spherical dissolve, same as the Default.
    - Fixed Long Hair not disabling correctly.
    - Changed the Body Mesh's UDIM tile placements.
    - Fixed an issue where the Follower boi ran away at light speed.
    - Fixed Springjoints not showing under some circumstances.
    - Butt Tap sounds will now toggle with the other Contact sounds.
    - Fixed an issue where Tps Penetrators wouldn't attract unless a Tps Orifice was involved.
    - Penetrators will now deform Dps Orifices.
    - Fixed an issue with Orifice scaling.
    - Fixed an issue where remote users could miss the Nocturne being picked up from world space.
    - Nocturne's logic no longer references or sets Gun parameters.

    - Cleaned up some smudging in the Tattoos.
    - Skintone values now save.
    - Skintone no longer desaturates eyes.
    - Glasses now hide when Goggles Face is enabled.
    - Reduced eyelashes poking through Goggles and Glasses for both heads.
    - Nipple Chains now hide if something covering them is enabled.
    - Added Animal Ears Earrings to Piercings Earrings toggle.
    - Particles will now scale with the avatar.
    - The Body Mesh's arms will now dissolve under the sleeves.
    - Adjusted Bodysuit polygons hidden when using Nsfw Bodysuit Expose.
    - Adjusted panties exposing weights.

    - Fixed hand gestures and adjusted finger weightpainting.
    - Fist will pose correctly to the object being held (Gun, Knife, Nocturne).
    - Changed the parameters the Facial Expressions use for logic (GestureLeft/GestureRight to GestureLowest/GestureHighest).
    - Freeze Expressions now sync for remote users as well as save between instances.
    - Fixed an issue where Blinking wouldn't react properly to GestureRightWeight.
    - Fixed a syncing issue with Blinking and reduced the parameter cost from 8 to 1 bits.

    - Reworked Gun shooting audios to reduce stutter.
    - Audio source total used for shooting reduced from 14 to 8 with only 2 being enabled at a time instead of 3.
    - Suppressed and Unsuppressed will now move between each gun depending on which is firing.
    - Unsuppressed will always silence Suppressed audio when firing both guns.
    - Gun positions will no longer desync when remote users don't see Gestures
    - Adjusted Gun audio volumes for both shooting and changing attachments.
    - Guns can be holstered at any time by using Rock n Roll or Open hand. Alternatively, the Guns can be 'placed' back on the body by using either said gesture with the Gun held near the respective waist.
    - The Gun's laser will now originate from the correct location.
    - Fixed an issue where disabling the Gun wouldn't also disable the Laser.
    - Fixed an issue where the Gun attachments menu wouldn't open.
    - Fixed an issue that caused Gun attachment menu sounds to only play locally.
    - Fixed an issue where the shooting audio didn't follow the Gun.
    - Fixed an issue where Gun sounds were global.

    - Splash Screen has been reworked.
    - Cleaned up unused assets from a majority of Materials.
    - Cleaned up unused assets from Controllers.


    Patch 1.1.1
    - Loading into the avatar a second time should no longer hide the body.
    - Fixed an issue where the body could hide from remote users.
    - Having Self Interact Off should no longer hide the body.
    *V1.1 and later versions depend on Self Interact being enabled to run a good amount of logic. If you can, we ask that you keep this enabled.*


    Patch 1.1.2
    - Fixed some instances of Expressions not checking for the correct Gesture values
    - Fist trigger/grip weights are now fixed for both regular expressions and for Freeze Expressions. Avatar would previously load in with gesture weights always set to 1, now they'll be the last value they were when changing avatars/worlds
    10 December 2023 14:20
  • foto
    skeever senpai #109
    anyone got the reciept for this one?
    10 December 2023 09:16
  • foto
    LostDodo89 #108
    What was changed in the newer version?
    10 December 2023 07:59
  • foto
    OwO #107
    when new model version
    29 November 2023 12:05
  • foto
    rozing #106
    Does anyone have the facetracking dlc for this one?
    24 November 2023 04:28
  • foto
    KuroNeko996 #105
    I did everything according to the instructions, it doesn't work, I can't send it why is it wrong
    23 November 2023 03:07
  • foto
    HungLewdie #104
    Im getting an armature error. ;-;
    10 November 2023 23:18
  • foto
    Hell Cat #103
    28 October 2023 08:33
  • foto
    LostDodo89 #102
    Hi together!
    I heared from a friend this avatars breasts move similar like in real. Kind of when you lie down on your back they move a little sideways down, if you know what I mean. Well... gravity. ^^

    Is this true? Can you confirm that?
    I tried it by myself, but I personally can't confirm it.
    17 October 2023 07:42
  • foto
    FellowUser #101
    GodRevenger 1.1.2 ver?
    15 October 2023 21:10
  • foto
    KinShi #100
    Anyone has a non Mega.nz link? their fucking shitty download limit is so frustrating
    8 October 2023 10:32
  • foto
    Pinklasagna123 #99
    can u put the 1.1 version?
    7 October 2023 19:11
  • foto
    Torei #98
    hellokitty420, i dont have Pio pro 8.2, i can only find up to 8.1
    13 September 2023 23:32
  • foto
    Pakkun69 (user blocked for violating site rules) #97
    does anyone know how to fix the calibration balls being behind the avatar when calibrating
    5 September 2023 18:24
  • foto
    kod123 #96
    fix goco loco
    2 September 2023 19:48
  • foto
    krystal16x #95
    HentaiVr, are you sharing your quest version of the avi?
    30 August 2023 10:31
  • foto
    Hu Taos Ghost #94
    It won't let me import the FBX into blender, which version of blender are you all using?
    26 August 2023 19:22
  • foto
    Tofu121 #93
    none of the toggles work or just me
    26 August 2023 05:10
  • foto
    Szu #92
    I'm having some issues and am unable to decompress the avi package. Can someone help me?
    24 August 2023 13:10
  • foto
    yomoki #91
    Anyone else getting an eval error from mega???
    23 August 2023 11:32
  • foto
    K a i #90
    hey question! are you gonna be giving out the quest side of the avi by chanceB
    20 August 2023 14:40
  • foto
    Zechx94 #89
    HentaiVR, could you please upload a quest package?
    12 August 2023 17:37
  • foto
    Ivys #88
    Quote: mysticmoon989

    Don't worry, I quest optimized his other avatars, it worked.
    So I'll get around to doing it with this as well

    There are some things you have to sacrifice when quest optimizing these types of avatars but I feel like I've gotten pretty good at it after practicing a lot on Godfall and Sirius' models.

    The parameters and blender work is usually the most annoying part
    12 August 2023 16:21
  • foto
    the suffering one #87

    for people who dont know how to fix the audio
    12 August 2023 12:43
  • foto
    YOYOYOYO #86
    the Phys bones on the hair are kind of stiff in game anybody else have that problem?
    12 August 2023 04:45
  • foto
    MiepKi #85
    I was able to upload it perfectly, only minor issues with audio and all toggles work in vrc :) thank you and if you need help uploading i can help or try to
    12 August 2023 00:54
  • foto
    mysticmoon989 #84
    Nicolightnix Mega Titan, also i went ahead and bought the avatar i dont know if you did do this but i had the same issue, and it was requiring the IK program that allows it to be FBT (full body tracking)
    11 August 2023 16:19
  • foto
    mysticmoon989 #83
    Dabs, these are PC only avatars, i would honestly not expect it to be proper quest without the whole avatar breaking.
    11 August 2023 15:13
  • foto
    Nicolightnix Mega Titan #82
    So I'm using unity for it an just downloaded the sdk to upload it. but still running into that "Does not exist" error. any tips?
    10 August 2023 18:31
  • foto
    koriios #81
    GlassAlice, thanks, worked for me
    10 August 2023 12:00
  • foto
    avatarsaintworth60man #80
    Jackie_Jackal, lmao u did sum to the model. i bought it and everything works LEARN HOW TO USE UNITY PEOPLEEEERuby_2, it does...lmao..
    10 August 2023 07:59
  • foto
    Dystraia #79

    Has anyone else gotten this error? No matter what I do I seem to always get the same one.
    10 August 2023 00:02
  • foto
    Jackie_Jackal #78
    So many issues with this avi. 1. the guns dont spin like they are supposed too and dont go back to normal position when gripped again. hair straight up cuts into the eye. the tongue randomly sticks through the face.
    9 August 2023 22:07
  • foto
    Mumsie #77
    I require assistance, I'm getting a Final IK error and a grounder error, saying the script is missing. I can't figure out how to upload the desired screenshots to this site so :/
    9 August 2023 21:41
  • foto
    Ivys #76
    Feuerstein, I will stay Smadge
    9 August 2023 12:29
  • foto
    Ruby_2 #75
    How come the EX doesn't have DPS options like handjob, etc? The normal one does, just not EX :(
    9 August 2023 03:11
  • foto
    Nemcro #74
    Rekom,He still uses the same head he did with godrunner. The furry face is b uilt in
    8 August 2023 21:56
  • foto
    Grafarii #73
    Dexroy, same
    8 August 2023 19:38
  • foto
    Syomi #72
    Godfall fans anime33
    8 August 2023 19:19
  • foto
    hellokitty420 #71
    Rekom, Do you know where I could find a tutorial for that? <3
    8 August 2023 01:09
  • foto
    Rekom #70
    GildedWing, They're the same body base, you could toss them both in blender and grab the head and paws from runner
    8 August 2023 01:04
  • foto
    Nemcro #69
    if you wanna make the toggle yourself the blendshapes are still thereGildedWing,
    7 August 2023 23:42
  • foto
    GildedWing #68
    Im kinda sad that Godfall didn't do another Species Swapping avatar like GodRunner.
    7 August 2023 19:11
  • foto
    pixlekings27 #67
    Kathrhynn, nope, unless hair and arm emisions count its just a recolor
    7 August 2023 12:45
  • foto
    Kathrhynn #66
    Aside from colors is there any difference between Revenger and Revenger EX? Or their other models?
    7 August 2023 00:11
  • foto
    KJ Redacted #65
    engineerwolf, this is a product of having an outdated vrchat SDK just download the new one at the official website
    6 August 2023 21:34
  • foto
    Purpledot #64
    for those who still dont know how to fix the audio heres a short youtube clip on how to do it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7j92Bf_vC8
    6 August 2023 20:10
  • foto
    GlassAlice #63
    Got this working for me.

    import in the right order

    auto fix mip maps

    open each audio file in the avatar and check the box for load in background and click apply.

    good to go.
    6 August 2023 18:44
  • foto
    Takisch (user blocked for violating site rules) #62
    HentaiVR, sucks to be you lol
    6 August 2023 18:42
  • foto
    YandereSystem667 #61
    i cant import the avatar at all but i can get everything else into the Vcc project
    6 August 2023 18:36
  • foto
    YandereSystem667 #60
    Relako, you gotta go to the audios and make them load in background than apply it youll be good after that
    6 August 2023 18:06
  • foto
    engineerwolf #59
    KJ Redacted, how would i fix this tho like what would i need to remove or do to fix this
    6 August 2023 16:42
  • foto
    KJ Redacted #58
    found an audio clip fix | go into the asset folder named godrevenger, open the audio folder, click once on each file and look on the right side and find the checkmark load in backround, make sure every file has it checked. Bam problem solved |

    fuck everyone who gets mad at people for asking for helpRaven_Vrc, or just go to the vrchat website and download the latest avatar SDK and that should fix your issue, might need to redo the whole project with the new SDK but it should fixRelako, See below
    6 August 2023 16:10
  • foto
    Dexroy #57
    Bruh I got no errors and doing everything like usual. Perpetrator just wont penetrate
    6 August 2023 15:59
  • foto
    theprincesssuppi #56
    For people who want to upload it publicly:
    Simply un-tag the avatar before you upload it.

    6 August 2023 15:46
  • foto
    engineerwolf #55
    im haveing probloms with uplouding it dosent have the poipro 8.2v witch thats not the main problom the main problom is that it cant uploud becuase of "VRCExpressionParamaters has too many parameters defiend" thats is the full error i get when i try to uploud any fix to this?
    6 August 2023 15:44