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Content type:Avatars
Model: free
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
Views: 7 523

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Import Poiyomi, Dynamics and SDK3
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  • foto
    this avatar is really broken :/ gestures don't work correctly, the textures/mats aren't correct and the fishnets don't look the way they do in the avatar showcase (you can literally see it in the unity screenshots attached to this post).

    use poiyomi 5.6.8 to have the fishnets and textures look normal, you need the arktoon shaders for the metal and you don't have to use 2018 unity, 2019 is fine :) some of the textures still don't look the same, there's a white matcap on the ears and cat hood which is why they're white - at least on the pale version. change the color that's next to the white matcap and it should make things look normal

    the avatar creator has stated she won't help with her older avatars so i don't recommend buying them from her, given that they're most likely broken like this one. her newer avatars are fine but i wish she disclosed in the avatar listings that they're older models
    6 January 2022 14:55
  • foto
    facial expressions are hella broken on this model
    16 December 2021 15:18
  • foto
    Excuse me which version of Unity are you using to upload this Avatar
    31 October 2021 21:58
  • foto
    what type of dynamic bones do i have to import ? bcs they dont work in vrchat. Ears , tail, hair , boobies etc. is without movement..
    23 October 2021 14:55
  • foto
    oh my god i love you ive been trying to get this model
    15 August 2021 21:56