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Content type:Avatars
Сreated by: ♛????_???♛
SDK: 3.0 (VRChat)
Platform: PC
Рhysbones: No
Full body: Yes
Nsfw: Yes
Views: 31 196

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3.0 Avatar

NSFW Model


Full Body Ready

Scenes included

Dynamic bones and colliders

Toggle (Jacket, Tech Hoodie, Bottom, Shoes, Ponytail Hair, Long Ponytail Hair, Harness, Hand Strap, Ear&Tail, Wolf Hand)

4 color change toggle (Black, Pink, White, Red)

Toggle facial expression change

Showcase : https://youtu.be/7ESk4I2CJZEHow to use:
This avatar was created in Unity 2019.4.29f1

Please run in order

1. Open a new project (importing into the same project as another creator's avatar may break the project)

2. Import VRCSDK3 Download the latest version of VRCSDK3 here - (https://vrchat.com/home/download)

3. Import Poiyomi shader (version I used is Poiyomi Toon V7.2.41, included in my package) Download here - (https://github.com/poiyomi/PoiyomiToonShader/releases/tag/7.2.41)

4. Import Arktoon shader (included in the package) Download here - (https://github.com/esetomo/Arktoon-Shaders)

5. Import dynamic bones (This is not included in the package and must be purchased from the Unity Asset Store to use) Buy here - (https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/animation/dynamic-bone-16743)
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  • foto
    Kiwoto #8
    the first 3 when you click on blendshapes example for me the first 3 said 100 and I made it 0
    2 February 2023 05:17
  • foto
    KYOKUMA11 #7
    has anyone optimized this avatar for quest? ty
    14 November 2022 10:17
  • foto
    Sailenth #6
    what you mean change the first 3?
    2 November 2021 00:51
  • foto
    cozyasfck #5
    hello) can u help me? avatar in unity have no colors. how to fix? thanks
    26 October 2021 11:08
  • foto
    Nonori #4

    just change the first 3 to 0
    17 September 2021 19:01
  • foto
    seol_leo (user blocked for violating site rules) #3
    내꺼 내리라고 씨발련아 양심있냐 진짜로 니가 처 만들어서 배포하던가

    니엄마 맥도날드에서 케찹 훔치다가 미끄러져 넘어져서 뒤짐
    16 September 2021 15:33
  • foto
    〘日々響〙 #2
    help me. wolf avatar is missing :(
    15 September 2021 20:15
  • foto
    xxgracev #1
    is it me or he doesn't have a proper body :C
    15 September 2021 14:32
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