Moving the site to new hardware


29-08-2021, 12:36

Moving the site to new hardware

Due to the relocation of the site to a more powerful server, some functions of the site are temporarily disabled:
   - Temporarily, you will not be able to add new models to the site, as well as registration of new users will be disabled.
After moving our site to a new server - these functions will be enabled again.

During the move, the site may be temporarily unavailable.
Moving site to new hardware can take up to several days.

The current server can not cope with the load for a very long time. Because of this site constantly crashes or appears this or that error due to lack of server capacity.

After moving to a new server - we will no longer face this kind of problems. In addition, the new server will allow us to develop newer and better site functionality.
Thank you to everyone who helped and contributed to our move to the new server! After all, only thanks to you we are moving to a more powerful server.
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