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Unity FBXExporter

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Many people ask us how to make fbx from a prefab. To continue using the model in blender and stuff ... I think now you will find out. How to do it.


It is very simple to use this exporter. You shouldn't have any problems, and if you do, please add an issue to the Github project
  1. Select any GameObject in the scene.
  2. Select the type of export you'd like.
  3. Go to Assets menu -> FBX Exporter -> and you have three options (described below).
  4. "Only GameObject" will export a new FBX but not create any new materials or textures and use the original as reference
  5. "With new Materials" will export a new FBX and create new materials with the GameObject name + _ + material name
  6. "With new Materials and Textures" does 2b plus copying textures to a new folder. This one takes a while. Be patient.
  7. Wait a bit
  8. If you've selected new textures, wait a bit longer. Copying and reimporting the textures takes Unity's brainpower.
  9. Check the folder.
  10. Usually the materials will align, but if you have a FBX in the root area it may create new materials instead of finding the old ones.
  11. Success! You now have a brand new FBX file with everything parented correctly. Remember rotations in children still don't work.
NOTE: Sometimes the fbx file imports the materials as recursive instead of project wide for GameObject only export. If this happens, delete all the materials and reimport the FBX file using Project-Wide for material search.
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  • foto
    Sally Smithson #6
    it doesnt get into blender ): doesnt want to import
    22 December 2022 22:50
  • foto
    TileSun #5
    actually they made it so you have to pay for it, it is now $100.00 for it.PrimTime,
    19 July 2022 17:01
  • foto
    PrimTime #4
    You can get this for free in the package manager in the unity registry window tab.
    15 January 2022 11:45
  • foto
    Liveloxz #3
    mine gives me an error "IndexOutOfRangeException"
    17 December 2021 14:10
  • foto
    Kinsmir #2
    Quote: evo delonde
    i cant bring the fbx into blender

    For this method you sometimes still need to convert the fbx to another format (asci => binary). There is some free software for it available but its not really straight forward.

    But take a look at my message on 6 oktober in the #blender channel for a alternative method what does this all at once pretty much better/faster in my opinion.
    5 November 2021 18:50
  • foto
    evo delonde #1
    i cant bring the fbx into blender
    5 November 2021 18:02