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    lilybun #42
    im lf someone to convert some avatars to quest the avatars need to be edited in blender for them to be quest
    Yesterday at 02:13
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    VisionDesigns #41
    If you mean the pants, thats weight painting. Find tutorials for how to weight paint properly.

    The pants are painting to one of the right leg bones, probably the one labeled Knee. Simply unpaint the pants for that specific bone and it should fix the stretching
    25 April 2023 11:44
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    BbWasHere #40
    does anyone know how to fix this? I ripped these from imvu lol
    22 April 2023 19:57
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    xDeathWish451x #39
    can somebody put the sfw clothes on the nsfw bodys of the fazclaire nightclub avi bundle?
    2 April 2023 02:44
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    VisionDesigns #38
    this chat is more for fixing errors or problem solving than learning how to use blender, your better off finding tutorials for how to model in blender.
    25 March 2023 22:07
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    JackAttack #37
    I want to learn to make clothes for my avatar, could anyone help me?
    24 March 2023 01:24
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    VisionDesigns #36
    what problem are you coming across
    5 February 2023 03:41
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    La_Zire #35
    Sup guys, I need some help with paint weight
    3 February 2023 17:40
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    VisionDesigns #34
    its Pink because Blender doesn't know where the textures are. If it has a folder or you made a Unity package containing the textures, you will have to find the path for those textures.

    In Blender click File -> Go down to External Data and then Find Missing Files, this will pop up a file explorer window. Locate the Textures folder for the model. You should be able to just select the folder and not each individual file.
    6 January 2023 16:11
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    retrowave21 #33
    Hey i downloaded jynx and i am trying to do a edit of her but in blender its pink and i dont have the textures for it because it didnt come with it help
    2 January 2023 12:16
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    pinkowll #32
    click on the head and go to the materials/textures section and scroll down until you see "alpha *something*" and opaque under it. change the alpha part to opaque and wam bam
    22 December 2022 19:02
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    VisionDesigns #31
    StarryDay 95,
    Are you exporting with Blender FBX or CATS FBX export?
    There are a couple different types of .FBX it may have converted a few things to a newer version of an FBX and it broke. Try both Blender and CATS tools exporter and see what works for you. If neither fix the problem, you can try exporting the FBX and not replace it with the old one as well. Keep in mind this means basically starting over with the avatar, you will have to setup the FBX in Unity again.
    2 December 2022 10:18
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    VisionDesigns #30
    VRCA needs a converter tool that turns it into a Unity package, if your pc cant handle Unity than it's not gonna handle Blender.
    11 November 2022 22:53
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    moriiburner #29
    Does anyone know how to import a vrca file into blender? I can't download unity because my computer is pretty ass right now.
    11 November 2022 12:17
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    VisionDesigns #28
    Reinstall the CATS Blender plugin, also check for updates in the CATS panel
    11 November 2022 09:17
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    blank8 #27

    first time trying to export an model FBX dont know what to do ;-;
    11 November 2022 06:11
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    VisionDesigns #26
    Did you replace the FBX or create your own?
    10 November 2022 03:31
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    Fruity_Egypt #25
    Please help me. I fixed the shape key in blender but when I exported fbx back to unity it spaghettified my avatar. How do I fix it?
    8 November 2022 02:57
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    VisionDesigns #24
    Blender is better for adding clothes to those types of models. You can find tutorials about how to do it if you're unsure how. A helpful tip I will give is to Transfer Weights when adding clothing or other objects to the avatar.
    14 October 2022 12:06
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    darkdante6 #23
    sorry i dont know if this is the right area to put this looking for info on sirius model base the 404 one the most as i am looking to add cloths to it just wanted to know the best way to do it thanks if anyone can help
    14 October 2022 04:31
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    VisionDesigns #22
    Using clothing made for the base goes a long way. Most avatars, as I'm sure you're aware, use Pandas Base. When adding clothing you should transfer the weights from the clothing to the body. You can find a video or forum about how to transfer weights, it's a bit much to explain.

    cuddle bear,
    CATS Blender Tools
    27 September 2022 11:24
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    cuddle bear #21
    Anyone know how to turn an MMD to FBX? For example something off devinart to put into unity??
    22 September 2022 09:39
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    Sulyeon #20
    hi hii , just started making an avatar in blender , im a beginner on it but i know some of the basics like merging (eventho sometimes i have some issues xD) im trying to do toggles for clothes and i want to know whats the easiest to prevent clipping and what to do if i like have a shirt and jacket , it looks too big on the arms so is there a way to cut the under layer off?
    21 September 2022 07:20
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    VisionDesigns #19
    nobody here really uses blender but i am open for questions regarding it, i will not give full tutorial messages for how to rig, weightpaint, or model something crazy, find videos or forums for that. Just tips and short how-to's
    1 August 2022 16:38
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    Vergil #18
    Either your blendshapes are fucked like Matcha said, or blender doesn't like the render settings of that material, in which case I would suggest trying to change your render mode
    28 July 2022 21:24
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    MatchaMojito #17
    Mimmsy, Looks like your blendshapes may be broken, are you converting or using CATS at all? Also what file type is this? Blender file, fbx, pmx?
    12 July 2022 12:30
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    Washed #16
    does anyone know how to rig and rip a sims hair on blender or make it fbx so I can use it on unity file name just says package
    4 May 2022 19:30
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    Mimmsy #15

    is this supposed to be happening
    11 April 2022 06:40
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    jarkor #14
    Don't think I know enough to teach someone, but I recommend to start by starting with the classic youtube donut tutorial or playing around with the sculpting tools
    16 December 2021 11:35
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    pixie06 #13
    Can someone teach me how to use blender? I only know how to import a body base and that's it.. Dm me if interested! <3
    16 December 2021 11:13
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    jarkor #12
    Might need some more context, where u using any addon in particular for this?
    14 December 2021 08:42
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    MatchaMojito #11
    deathlyhill, I'm gonna be straight with you and say that I don't know what that means, but I do know that using the CATS editor is really easy and free to use. You can automatically decimate and rig models with it, then put them into unity and set them up from there.
    13 December 2021 13:44
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    giratina #10
    Quote: deathlyhill

    need help with this new to blender and trying to make pc avatars into quest version

    i dont know if this helps but i've only ever gotten this message when using a .psd (photoshop) file as a texture so i would say check that out and if there is a .psd file as a texture turn it into a png and try it again
    7 December 2021 06:33
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    deathlyhill #9

    need help with this new to blender and trying to make pc avatars into quest version
    15 November 2021 14:35
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    CaitTheLovable #8
    How do i assign and applying existing textures onto blender models in steps? i'm kinda new to it and all the videos i look at are too long and complicated for my adhd
    5 November 2021 16:21
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    Kinsmir #7
    I remember something about this certain model being pretty wonky if you try to export it.

    If the exports tend to fail its because model itself has issues, Unity is way more lenient then blender or other modeling software and like you wrote it might require more work and effort to get it work properly.
    2 November 2021 11:44
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    Zimmerson #6
    Update: Ended up using Maya to get around the issue before exporting and uploading into Blender 2.91, where it worked fine (for me). Don't know if this was user error or not, but yeah. This was an odd one.
    27 October 2021 20:57
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    Zimmerson #5
    Hey all, quick question.

    Downloaded a model from here (Abigail) that comes with everything, but I wanted to check something in Blender, so I tried importing the .fbx, but nothing shows up. I tried exporting the model from unity in both ASCII and Binary, to which binary was the only one to show something in Blender, that being the model but extremely broken. Is there any way to fix said issue?
    27 October 2021 16:32
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    Kinsmir #4
    Quote: Kinsmir

    I used this with success before, instructions on how to use it is in the description.

    I found a more easy way to get a unity Prefab to FBX, there is a official unity package for it that can do handle it and works a lot faster/better, it handles also things like Binary/ASCII format and materials works properly for me.

    You can install it with the following steps;

    Step 1. Open the unity "Package Manager" you can find it the top at "Window".

    Step 2. Search for "FBX Exporter" and click in the bottom right on install. Unity might ask you to restart, do so if required.

    Step 3. Go to a prefab you want to convert, right click and click on "Convert to FBX Prefab variant"

    Step 4. Make any changes you desire, make sure your export format is set to Binary for blender and finally press "Convert" once your happy with your settings.

    Step 5. Enjoy having the FBX straight away in blender without having to convert things or messing up your materials.

    Additional bonus: There is already a new prefab that loads the brand new FBX with all the original settings applied to it.
    6 October 2021 13:18
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    Kinsmir #3
    Quote: 3dmodelenjoyer
    anyone know how to make avatars exported out of unity not shit themselves when you upload them into blender :< I used this with success before, instructions on how to use it is in the description.
    23 August 2021 12:37
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    3dmodelenjoyer #2
    anyone know how to make avatars exported out of unity not shit themselves when you upload them into blender :<
    10 August 2021 09:57
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    leftward #1
    Assuming I ask here but does anyone know how the eye shaders work in the private section? ;') From what I know they require a certain UV map but unable to figure it out myself. Thank you in advance!
    1 August 2021 02:47


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