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    Denice Watson #1956
    I have a question regarding the VRModels Store upgrade. Could you please explain its features and benefits after purchasing?
    Yesterday at 23:35
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    gabriel barcelos #1955
    avatar of polar express
    Friday at 23:01
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    AvatarsAreNotWorth40Dollars #1954
    Friday at 14:27
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    Eric #1953
    AvatarsAreNotWorth40Dollars, One original model link = one % depending on the category.
    Even if there are 20 versions of the model in the link, you will still get one %.
    We have already met smart people who uploaded all of these separately - I'll tell you, there is no point in doing this. All the same will combine the content into one. After all, the link from the original is one.
    Friday at 14:10
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    AvatarsAreNotWorth40Dollars #1952
    @VRModels, On an upload such as this -

    Should it not give 8% instead of 4% since it's two avatars?

    Upon purchase you can either buy them seperately or together, I uploaded them together as 2 avatars in one upload
    Friday at 12:49
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    Eric #1951
    RightDaytoSay, What kind of request did you make? Where did you submit it? Why did you submit it?
    You can delete a profile yourself in your profile settings. You don't need any requests for this. You made your own problem.
    Friday at 05:52
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    RightDaytoSay #1950
    Hello, Good Morning/Evening/Afternoon, I'm sorry to bother, but I made a request for the deativation of my account for mounths by now, So I would like for this to be solved
    Friday at 03:35
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    AliceJ #1949
    VRModels, Excuse me? I have been watching my email alot after I sent the message I have NOTHING from vrm on my email at all.VRModels, was it sent to the right email address?
    Thursday at 23:58
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    VRModels #1948
    AliceJ, Why are you not telling the truth? Your message was answered yesterday. Watch your mail carefully
    Thursday at 23:27
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    AliceJ #1947
    aliceisnthere, I sent them a message in tech support a day ago and still haven't gotten any reply, checked my email multiple times and my vrm account but nothing yet.
    Thursday at 22:50
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    Sekushī Neko #1946
    Is there a discord associated with this site?
    Thursday at 15:52
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    Hurricane #1945
    What do I do when there is only a model in a unity package?
    Thursday at 03:57
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    aliceisnthere #1944
    AliceJ, I'd save receipts and message tech support
    Wednesday at 17:38
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    AliceJ #1943
    Hey, I was wondering if someone knows how long it takes to get a Promo Code for the Pro section, my payment went through 6-7 hours ago and I still haven't recieved anything.
    Wednesday at 09:30
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    mistyanon #1942
    aliceisnthere, ohhh i forgot cashapp does crypto lol! i'm trying that ty
    Wednesday at 01:55
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    aliceisnthere #1941
    Zigggyyy, Luna1046, so first (on my phone) I buy $20 in bitcoin on cash app then i use the Alfacoins option and it connects to cash app takes the bit coin and pays for pro long convoluted process I know but i'm from the US so its the only thing that has worked i just wish you could pay directly with cash app

    so to all my fellow us peeps this is how you do it
    i only had it fail once probably closed stuff too fast so i paid twice one month still trying to get that fixed but i might just be out the $15
    Wednesday at 00:44
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    Luna1046 #1940
    aliceisnthere, Really? Ive been struggling for months trying to figure out how to buy a pro account. I have no idea how to work crypto or these sites in general lol
    Tuesday at 23:41
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    Struff #1939
    Ordering Pro through the Steam item method ate my TF2 Goodies.
    Tuesday at 22:48
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    Denice Watson #1938
    ok ty
    Tuesday at 11:48
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    VRModels #1937
    Denice Watson, We'd help you. But you're showing a ripped model. And we don't help with ripped models.
    Tuesday at 05:14
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    Denice Watson #1936
    "I'm having difficulty importing a file into Unity to work on an avatar, and I've been struggling to fix it. Can someone please help me with this and it shows up as a paper or with some issues. Does anyone know how to correctly import and display the avatar
    Tuesday at 04:58
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    jarkor #1935
    having the same issue, only see weird wallet options anime20
    17 September 2023 23:57
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    Zigggyyy #1934
    aliceisnthere, how do you use cashapp to pay for it?
    17 September 2023 20:39
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    VRModels #1933
    Darkheavenns, Write a private message with a link to this.
    17 September 2023 10:40
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    Darkheavenns #1932
    ***comment deleted***
    17 September 2023 10:23
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    aliceisnthere #1931
    For all us people who want pro cash ap works
    Its how I got pro
    16 September 2023 11:19
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    badboyhalo1 #1930
    with the recent news of ripperstore being taken down i cant help but feel there will be a mass exodus here, i wonder how thats going to be handled with an influx
    15 September 2023 18:28
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    Struff #1929
    I somehow was able to pay for pro last month. I cant seem to find what allowed me to pay before. What are the most common ones english users use?
    14 September 2023 20:30
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    VRModels #1928
    legendhero, in unpacked prefabs, delete Blueprint.
    12 September 2023 11:37
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    legendhero #1927
    does anyone know a actual fix to the blueprint id reattaching itself when i start to upload the avatar. Even when detaching it just re attaches as soon as i start uploading and gives me the "error uploading blueprint". Alot of my avatars do this and very few actually get past this, is there a way to stop this?
    11 September 2023 19:01
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    rosaxx #1926
    hey i reinstalled windows on my pc and lost all of my imports for unity like poi pro 8.2 and rail and dynamic bones stuff like that it would be cool if anyone can give me them plz and thanks
    11 September 2023 16:44
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    VRModels #1925
    cab899, Please. Read carefully all the fields for mandatory filling.
    10 September 2023 09:43
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    cab899 #1924
    ***comment deleted***
    9 September 2023 14:37
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    CyanoticSpy #1923
    For some reason i cannot build a test avatar, or even fully upload it, what am i doing wrong?It has happened with two avatars ive tried to upload
    8 September 2023 16:31
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    CryptidQrow #1922
    Due to current events, most companies such as paypal have removed access russia, so crypto is really your only option from what ive seen. But i could be wrong.

    Idk if anyone reached out to you yet since its more than a few days old, but if you wish to remove an avatar your best way to contact them is via technical support or get the creator to file a dmca to have it removed. (I dont advise the second option there lol)

    If you want to update an avatar your best bet is to upload the updated version as if its own separate model. The admins will usually add it to the existing model on the site.
    8 September 2023 13:52
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    adlersdemise #1921
    does anyone know the access code for the eclipse bat avi ssp file?
    6 September 2023 15:57
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    Mathios #1920
    Is there Any Mod or Admin who i can talk to in private about model that i uploaded to the site?
    5 September 2023 06:16
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    Ashm60 #1919
    Hi whats the easiest way to buy pro in the usa ? Im not sure how to use the options it gives
    5 September 2023 01:54
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    kenzi #1918
    ***comment deleted***
    5 September 2023 01:10
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    BNVOOWEWW #1917
    ***comment deleted***
    4 September 2023 17:55
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    Xromanempire #1916
    ***comment deleted***
    4 September 2023 17:44
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    NeddyMCEddie #1915
    ***comment deleted***
    2 September 2023 15:58
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    VRModels #1914
    AUserNameThatsMine, Sacrifice? You transferred free assets from other resources - is that what you call donating ?
    Remember one thing - we are not committed to porting free assets to our resource. Yes, some free assets are subject to moderation. But this does not mean that you should sit and transfer free assets to us in packs. Our disks are not infinite. With these transfers, you are clogging up disk space.

    Some people just transfer the free blender cubes from the unitystore resource. I don't even know how to describe it. Some avatars from vrcmods and stuff... we just don't have enough words for such uploads and porting of free assets from other ressources anymore.
    2 September 2023 13:36
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    AUserNameThatsMine #1913
    VRModels, where in the rules is this published about being punished for uploading free assets to the private section?

    Also, why are you so abhorrently harsh with users who donate avatars to your database?
    2 September 2023 13:30
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    VRModels #1912
    AUserNameThatsMine, Why should we contact you? The moderators here are not stupid and all realized that you uploaded 2 given materials thinking to finish the last %. But alas, the bot saw that it was just a transfer of transferring free assets, especially in the private section. (especially since there is a limit on the number of downloads in the private section, so you'll be setting a lot of people up by doing these actions). But apparently you never realized it. And you think the transfer of free assets is the norm.
    You would have gotten a notification if it was a public section. But you can't do that in a private section. If I were the bot, I would just restrict access for 120 days for such actions.

    People have been lowering their % for a long time. In the beginning, of course, you get 1 notice (in the public section). And then the % is taken away from the number of free uploads transferred.
    2 - 10%
    3 - 20%
    4 - 30%
    2 September 2023 13:16
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    AUserNameThatsMine #1911
    VRModels, I was not expecting anything *because* it was a free avatar, just like the Sursight didn't give me any percentages, you're literally punishing me based off of assumptions instead of contacting me in DM's about it. On top of the fact that I didn't break any rules! anime21
    2 September 2023 13:01
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    VRModels #1910
    AUserNameThatsMine, And you thought that you will be given % for uploading free material from other resources to a private section? Naturally, you will be charged % for overflow of free stuff. If you do not like it - you can do as it was before. Return you the % and simply close access to uploading something for 120 days.
    You should not transfer free assets from other resources.
    2 September 2023 12:52
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    AUserNameThatsMine #1909
    Why was 30% of my pro progress removed for uploading free stuff???, is it because I was uploading a BOOTH model into the private section, where BOOTH models are supposed to go? I don't understand., that's 8 avatars worth of % for submitting 2 free avatars to the booth section. I double checked the site rules, and the only rules regarding the private section, is to not share direct links to model files.

    Fabrizio Brambilla, Sweetie Rainbow Music, for help and stuff, i'd use the Unity channel.
    2 September 2023 11:00
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    Sweetie Rainbow Music #1908
    i need help with the avatar
    29 August 2023 19:43
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    Fabrizio Brambilla #1907
    Hey I was just wondering in a lot of tutorials they use a thing called VRLabs but I tried and can't find any way to get it does anyone know how to?
    29 August 2023 10:22
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    Slavicus #1906
    Melody xRose, depending on where you're located your bank has probably blocked it since most of the payment methods that just straight up take card are russian/surrounding areas based. You'll have to do crypto or another method (I use crypto for instance as a UK based person)
    27 August 2023 11:02
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    Morsmoratus (user blocked for violating site rules) #1905
    ***comment deleted***
    26 August 2023 14:12
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    Slavicus #1904
    LELEEL, That's the main draw of the pro version and velle has been uploaded
    24 August 2023 13:22
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    LELEEL #1903
    does the pro version have booth models? i just really want velle
    23 August 2023 20:30
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    Anonymelony #1902
    Is the avatar "succubaby" from "honeyslab" moved from public to private...?
    23 August 2023 12:06
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    Melody xRose #1901
    i wish i can just buy pro but its so weird and my ard doesn't work for any of them ;[[
    23 August 2023 08:41
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    teddiex #1900
    VRModels, if it cannot be changed, that is alright, i will learn for next time. it is not the checking box that was the mistake, it was my understanding of what the option did that i was misunderstanding, which is a fault of mine. Thank you for the time, i will just learn.
    21 August 2023 23:38
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    VRModels #1899
    teddiex, We don't really understand how you wanted to avoid this, if you yourself specifically enabled these checkboxes when uploading. That doesn't make sense. Knowing that the % will not be there, go and specifically put these checkboxes at boot. And then say I wanted to avoid it. It doesn't make sense.
    21 August 2023 14:15
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    teddiex #1898
    VRModels, I'm sorry, I read somewhere that using the hide login will prevent from getting percent, which is what I was hoping to avoid. If I am mistaken, I am sorry for the trouble. Thank you for the time, and the clarify.
    21 August 2023 13:25
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    VRModels #1897
    teddiex, Didn't really get your point across. This function hides your login in the model information. That's what it says everywhere. So you got it right. It hides the login. Not the username. The username is only displayed in your profile and private messages (provided that this field is filled in).
    21 August 2023 13:09
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    teddiex #1896
    I made a mistake and made the models I uploaded hide my login. I thought it meant login, not username, and that was my bad. Is it possible to undo this, and claim the percentage? Thank you for the time.
    21 August 2023 09:06
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    King Afton #1895
    can anyone be my upload plz i need males avis
    21 August 2023 06:39
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    AUserNameThatsMine #1894
    sugarsoftie, i don't think they allow any rips, gotta be the original unity project and original files (But i could be wrong) -- I sure hope they don't accept rips lol
    20 August 2023 13:26
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    0lcve #1893
    ***comment deleted***
    19 August 2023 22:31
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    FreakyOldMan #1892
    Hey, all seem to have an issue with adding PFP anyone know why? tried to look up but sure it been ask like 9999 times?

    Edited: I am dumb ass I need pro am dumb k time to dig out wellet.
    19 August 2023 11:14
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    sugarsoftie #1891
    Are fixed rips allowed to be uploaded? Curious
    18 August 2023 21:22
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    Poiuytrewq #1890
    LukaMegIsBae, ohhhh okay thank for telling mee
    17 August 2023 17:29
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    LukaMegIsBae #1889
    Poiuytrewq, no discord because it's illegal but there's a Telegram group
    17 August 2023 14:13
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    Poiuytrewq #1888
    Does vr models have a discord server or anything?? I cant find it whats so ever
    17 August 2023 06:54
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    Laiscen #1887
    ***comment deleted***
    16 August 2023 19:51
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    Expired #1886
    ***comment deleted***
    16 August 2023 15:35
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    AUserNameThatsMine #1885
    Slavicus, oh! Thanks for informing me! Glad I've been keeping that up to date for y'all <3
    15 August 2023 19:23
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    sugarrr #1884
    nvm they sent it!
    15 August 2023 15:34
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    sugarrr #1883
    hey can i talk to an admin or something? I was trying to trade someone but they ghosted me after i sent them my file and never sent theirs
    15 August 2023 14:31
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    Slavicus #1882
    AUserNameThatsMine, Well, Poiyomi Pro versions are in the private section so that makes sense why you can't find it; need pro to see it. :)
    15 August 2023 10:34
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    AUserNameThatsMine #1881
    Slavicus, I tried uploading it as it's own thing, and they rejected it saying it already existed but I can't find it anywhere on the site -- not even a DMCA'd post lol
    15 August 2023 08:04
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    aliceisnthere #1880
    Um I paid for pro a couple hours ago and still haven't received it? It shows the withdrawal on my account
    14 August 2023 13:50
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    aliceisnthere #1879
    LukaMegIsBae, use cashapp its the easiest way just buy bitcoin on the app then pay with third option on gateway
    14 August 2023 12:57
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    LukaMegIsBae #1878
    can someone make a tutorial or show me how to pay for a pro account? im struggling with these websites not taking my payment
    14 August 2023 01:04
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    kaohg #1877
    why the autofix option does not appear in any avatar i try to upload? someone know?
    12 August 2023 14:42


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